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To some dear friends...
   When something's bothering you, really badly, everything sometimes seems to crash down around you. Like problems build up on problems. Sometimes you feel like no one cares when in actual fact they do. No matter what you think there will be someone thinking about you and hoping you're alright. I've experienced this and I know it's hard sometimes to think that anyone cares. Sometimes you think this and resort to looking for attention to try and get yourself pity. I would say it's natural. Sometimes you don't even realise you're being attention seeking. Sometimes you do know but you just can't stop. People get fed up with you and this makes you even worse. The hardest thing is that you don't know what to do. When something angers me I don't know how to handle things very well. I get angry and lash out and I honestly don't hate people as much as they would think. People get angry because you're angry and then you feel even more isolated and desperate.
:iconthebigbadgingernut:TheBigBadGingerNut 0 31
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Ferriswheelshipping by Kazuyo49 Ferriswheelshipping :iconkazuyo49:Kazuyo49 1,379 140 Pokemon Couples by blazingrunaway Pokemon Couples :iconblazingrunaway:blazingrunaway 14 0 Eevee and Umbreon COMMISSION by Canyx Eevee and Umbreon COMMISSION :iconcanyx:Canyx 406 17 Elf by czarnystefan Elf :iconczarnystefan:czarnystefan 795 26 elf. by cristina-otero elf. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 838 39 Autumn elf by RossanaCastellino Autumn elf :iconrossanacastellino:RossanaCastellino 581 61 Elf's houses by NikYeliseyev Elf's houses :iconnikyeliseyev:NikYeliseyev 432 0 Elf by AstroKerrie Elf :iconastrokerrie:AstroKerrie 269 19 Dark Elf by MitchFoust Dark Elf :iconmitchfoust:MitchFoust 379 10 Dark Elf by joapala Dark Elf :iconjoapala:joapala 1,399 103 Blood Elf by ryky Blood Elf :iconryky:ryky 1,985 82 Elf Ranger by cypritree Elf Ranger :iconcypritree:cypritree 4,774 246 Elf by Hitsuki23 Elf :iconhitsuki23:Hitsuki23 389 36 Lion and Wolf by BrandVarg Lion and Wolf :iconbrandvarg:BrandVarg 8 0 Hidden Woods by sorrelstang Hidden Woods :iconsorrelstang:sorrelstang 81 29

What is your Favorite Pokemon (answer the list below)?

Fire: arcanine or fennekin
Water: suicune
Electric: Luxray or pikachu/raichu
Grass: Sceptile
Ice: lapras
Fighting: lucario
Poison: bulbasaur
Ground: groudon
Flying: skarmory
Psychic: Espeon
Bug: Beautifly
Rock: Tyranitar or Aggron
Ghost: gengar
Dragon: dragonite
Dark: umbreon
Steel: lucario or skarmory
Normal: eevee or minchino
Fairy: Sylveon

Which Pokemon you think looks the most serious? Espurr lol

Which Pokemon do you think looks the dumbest or silliest? trubbish and garbodor

Which Pokemon TYPE (the element) do you favor the most? no idea

What is your favorite fossil/ancient Pokemon? Armaldo

Name your six awesome Pokemon team! Sceptile, Espeon, Delphox, Gyarados, Umbreon, Sylveon

What is your most and least favorite legendary Pokemon? fav: Suicune Least fav:Cobalion, Terrakion, virizion

Which Pokemon would you dare not to anger, frighten or cry (yes u have to answer all 3)?

What eevee evolution do you prefer to have? Espeon

Which starter Pokemon do you dislike the most? chespin, turtwig or snivy

What is your favorite 2nd and 3rd stage starter Pokemon? grovyle, sceptile

What Pokemon(s) you like the least? trubbish and co., klink and co., probably more lol

Which Pokemon looks like something you would see in real life? Beautifly possibly.



What is your overall favorite starter Pokemon? Treecko

Which Pokemon is you absolute, undeniable, most certain favorite of them all?! Espeon


Ewww it's a sour one!!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I love Pokémon and Music and writing and loads of other things ^_^
I love rock and metal music but I love a bit of everything especially k-pop :P
My fav anime ever is Pokémon!!! I love Death Note, Dragonball, DBZ, Digimon and lots more too though :)
I love to play video games such as Pokémon, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, GTA. I'm such a gaming nerd :L
I'm currently learning German but really want to learn Mandarin too.
So yeah...that's me :P


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